How to Choose The Best Type of Sex Doll

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Sex dolls are simply awesome. They are your ultimate partner when you need the perfect babe to explore your sexual fantasies with and you don’t have a human partner with you.  The sex doll industry has progressed a lot in recent times and you will get realistic life-like dolls today that almost feel like a human. Another great bit about sex dolls is that they are never tired of showering you with pleasure. In fact, there are reasons galore to invest in a gorgeous sex doll. Are you too planning to buy a sex doll? Well, if it is your first time, then go through the link below for the expert tips to help you make the right purchase.

Understand your needs

There is a wide range of sex dolls in the market to cater to varying tastes. Every person has his or her specific preferences when it comes to sexual affairs. You too surely have your own distinct fetishes. A sex doll is not something you buy after every six months. Your new sex doll should last you a considerable numbers of years. So, be mindful of the specifications of your sex doll.

The first thing to do here is to make a list of the major specifications you wish for in your sex doll. From hair color to complexion to breast size to ass size to height, you can specify a lot of things to create your custom sex doll. The list will help you to find or order “the” sex doll that you have been looking for and that you love to keep with you for years.

Mind the material

The material of the sex doll is definitely an important aspect of the toy. You want the toy to look and feel the most realistic and human-like. In this case, the two most materials are TPE and silicone. Of these two, silicone would be the best choice. Silicone dolls feel more realistic than TPE dolls. Not only that, unlike TPE, silicone is non-porous which makes it easily cleanable and body-safe. On the other hand, TPE is porous and tends to harbor germs. If you want a 100% body-safe option, you must opt for a silicone sex doll only.

But make sure, your chosen sex doll is created with premium macro-molecule medical-grade silicone. This material not only signifies a premier material but also a silicone which has been platinum cured. What’s the importance of platinum curing? Well, a platinum-cured silicone toy prevents risks of oil oozing out from skin after a few years of use. You don’t have that facility with dolls that are not cured with platinum.

Don’t be skimpy

Sex dolls are available in various price ranges. But, if you really want the best of experience, please don’t be skimpy with the price. Quality does not come cheap. Similarly, high quality sex dolls will ask for a substantial price which you should invest in. If the luxury high-end options are too expensive for you, you can opt for the mid-range ones. The bottom-line is don’t buy anything that comes below $1200.

It’s to note here cheap dolls won’t last you long. They are not backed by a sturdy skeleton and hence often end up with loose parts after a point of time. Besides, the highly inexpensive dolls do not always feature a life-like feel which denies you of the ultimate realistic experience. If you can’t afford even a mid-range doll now, start saving and buy after a few months. The doll you would buy should be worth your every penny.

Strong skeleton

Your chosen doll should be powered with a strong and durable skeleton so that you don’t have to face loose joins after a short while.

Opt for torso

If a complete high quality sex doll seems to be beyond the budget for you as of now, you can check the sex doll torsos. In this case, you will just find the torso, starting neck till the vagina- in case of male sex dolls, from neck till penis. These models don’t come with face or limbs. They might cost more than regular cheap sex dolls but are always less than high-end luxury complete sex dolls. If you are okay having sex or cuddling with a toy without caring for its other body parts, you can give these torso models a try.

Don’t forget comparative study

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind while looking for a sex doll.

The sex doll industry has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent times. No wonder, there has been a mushroom growth of the toy around almost everywhere. But, the basic fact is not every such toy would be compatible for you. You can’t just settle with the very first sex toy you come across online. The rule of the thumb is to conduct a comparative study on at least 5-6 such toys before you make the final decision. Check out the top-rated sex dolls (matching your preferences) in the market and create a shortlist. Then, carry a thorough market survey on them. Check their reviews and ratings and all information you can get on them. Lovegasm is one of our highly recommended online stores and you should definitely check out our lovegasm favorites.

The one you choose should be backed by rave reviews and ratings from both experts and users. It’s suggested not to buy a latest release. Being new, these dolls won’t have many reviews to offer and hence you would never know whether you are taking the right decision with them. Focus on those which are new but have been around for quite some time now.

Be careful about storage

You need a safe place to store your sex doll. Look for those that come with their own discreet storage box so that you don’t have to find a box yourself. If a large-size storage box is a problem for you, go for mini sex dolls. These are lightweight, comparatively inexpensive and also don’t take much space. They come with their mini storage box that won’t raise eyebrows or make you face embarrassing questions.