Dildos as an instrument for women empowerment

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Are you looking for the best dildo? Do you believe that these sex toys are an important weapon in every lady’s arsenal? We agree! 

However, while people use dildos every day, they do it without thinking about the long history of sex toys and what they represent. Let’s talk about dildos and what they offer — here are some of the reasons why they are one of the most normal things in the world. 

Inserting the idea of dildo inside you

If one thing is certain, it’s that dildos are the most popular sex toys in history. They have been around for centuries. The oldest dildo is around 30,000 years old, which just shows that people have always loved sex toys. And not much has changed since — except that we have so many different models available today. 

You can find realistic dildos, animals, aliens, metal, ones with a suction cup base, vibrating, and so much more. If you can think of anything, there is probably a dildo inspired by it. The majority of dildo users are women. There’s no doubt about it. Vaginal stimulation using sex toys can allow women to orgasm easier, and the intensity of female orgasms can be incredible. 

While it is not rare to hear about men using these sex toys, it is not as common. Naturally, you can use dildos for anal stimulation as well, but there are other toys better fit for the purpose. 

Habitual pleasure from dildos

Using dildos is not embarrassing. Women have been using it since the beginning of time. And while some people try to shame those who use sex toys, it is probably caused by their own frustration. Having sex toys is normal, and there is nothing wrong with it. One of the main advantages of sex toys is that they are an excellent way to spice up your sex life. Yes, while using sex toys alone is possible, it doesn’t have to be the only purpose. 

Dildos can be a perfect way to make foreplay even better, and you can relax and hand over control to your partner. The more we talk about dildos, the more people will understand how natural they are. 

Those who have tried using these toys are well aware of the benefits and sexual arousal that come with them. When it comes to different types and models, each person is different and has their own preferences. Some women love stainless steel and glass dildos, while others find them intimidating, and they would probably prefer silicone dildos or other materials that go for a more realistic approach. 

For those interested in hands-free play, the best option is to find a toy with a strong suction cup since it will allow you to attach it anywhere you like. 

A small piece of human anatomy

There are a few things we should talk about when it comes to vaginas. Many people fail to understand how long the vaginal canal is. The length of the canal is between three and six inches. While it might not seem that long, you should know that the canal can change its shape during sex, specifically when a person experiences sexual pleasure. 

During sex, the canal can get longer to accommodate penetration, which allows you to fully enjoy bigger toys. Both the cervix and uterus will move out of the way, and if someone experiences pain or discomfort during sex, it usually means that they are not aroused enough. 

And that is why foreplay is important. Getting into the mood is crucial to have a good time and try out different things. Now, many people (mostly men) believe that vaginas can stretch permanently, but that isn’t true. Vaginas are elastic, and they are able to get back to the previous shape after sex. Of course, muscles can weaken with age and after childbirth. 

More ways to enjoy your dildo

There are many different ways to use these sex toys. Women often get so comfortable with what feels good that they aren’t willing to try out new things. For example, they use vibrating dildos for clitoral stimulation almost exclusively. But that doesn’t have to be the case. 

You can also try out different sizes and models, for example. There are great toys that come with a remote control you can use to dictate the speed, and they are similar to bullet vibrators. You can even let your partner control the toy via an app. 

Furthermore, if you own a glass or stainless steel toy, you can start experimenting with temperature play. These materials are great, and heating (or cooling) them won’t damage the surface of the toy. 

Feel free to experiment and try out what feels exciting to you, and try to find new ways to enjoy your favorite toy.

Two holes means double pleasure

Another thing we should discuss is anal play. Now, not every person is into anal play, and that’s perfectly normal. However, if you are willing to try it out, dildos can be your best friend. Even if you are playing with your partner, you can use a toy to simulate double penetration. Moreover, your partner can take control and use the toy while stimulating you orally. The options are limitless.

One thing we should mention here is that you should avoid using the same toy for anal and vaginal stimulation. Unless you properly clean it in between, that is. The reason for this is that anus is filled with bacteria, and introducing it to your vagina can lead to a urinary tract infection. To avoid any health problems, always clean your toys before and after each use, and to make them even safer, you can always use them with a condom.

Also, we believe that having more than one sex toy is beneficial for you. It is preferable to have one toy for your vagina and one for your anal play. So, if you’re seeking a place to shop, this incredible Lovegasm store will be your first stop.

Dildos and women politics can get along too

One of the most appealing things about dildos is that you can use them alone. You don’t need someone to give you pleasure, and the experience will be unforgettable. It is an excellent opportunity to have a dildo orgasm without worrying about what will happen tomorrow. 

And it’s even better since you will be stress-free. The only thing that matters is your pleasure, and you can fully focus on it. If you’ve used a sex toy even once, you are probably well aware of how liberating it is. 

So, stop worrying about anything and start having fun. Using dildos is one of the most normal things in the world. Considering how long these toys have been around, we can be sure that they will remain here for the foreseeable future.