Hyper - Who We Are
  • Who We Are

    We are compassionate builders, wonderful friends, curious minds, and of course, lovers of travel.

    Our company is a band of engineers, designers, and product managers who work side-by-side our team of elite travel agents, always ready to show you the world or just to make your next business trip a breeze. In short, we are a one-of-a-kind and first-of-its-kind travel agency.

    We are constantly improving our core technology and processes that will make the traditionally unscalable, though uniquely valuable luxury of having a dedicated travel agent accessible to every single traveler in the world. All at an insanely low cost. The result of our synergy between service and technology is a constantly improving experience for our clients and a managed travel solution like no other.
  • Our Beginnings

    Hyper was founded in December 2014, by Minqi Jiang and Peter Zakin. After seeing their bosses book business travel by sending a simple message to their admins (while they themselves spent hours searching and booking), Minqi and Peter realized there was great value in building a technology-driven travel-agency that could provide everyone with the experience of having their own dedicated travel agent, while avoiding the traditionally high overhead in cost.

    Previously, Minqi was a product manager at Google, where he worked on Google Translate and helped kick start Google Fit.

    Peter was a software engineer at Venmo, where he helped build the company’s first developer API, iOS app, and later worked on the product team.
  • Our Investors

    Some of the best entrepreneurs, thinkers, and investors believe Hyper is the future of travel.

    Our investors include Greylock Partners, High Line Venture Partners, Metamorphic Ventures, Brad Gerstner, Drew Patterson, and Venmo co-founders Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail.