The Hyper Travel Company
Hyper has joined Tradeshift

We have some big news! Hyper Travel has been acquired by Tradeshift, the world’s fastest-growing business network. Hyper is now part of Tradeshift Go.

From the very first day that we began working on Hyper, we knew what we were building had the potential to change not just the way people access travel services, but the way people connect with businesses in general. We believe the technology behind Hyper will ultimately unlock a massive shift in productivity for businesses in the way they reach their customers.

While we will continue to provide every business traveler with their own personal travel assistant, Tradeshift opens the doors for us to apply the technology and operations behind Hyper to entirely new industries. In the months to come, we will be thoughtfully expanding our messaging-based travel experience to additional areas of focus. Stay tuned.

Most of all, we want to say thank you to all of our amazing, supportive users. After helping thousands of travelers, we are excited to join Tradeshift and provide our magical, conversational experience to a larger audience than ever before.

Happy travels,
Minqi, Peter, and Derek

Go is now available on the App Store.